Falqo is more an entity than a pseudonym, created by Alexander White. Born from a longstanding interest in theatrics, performance and the arts, Falqo is manifested through music, illustration and storytelling to create a platform for unrestricted creativity that’s not bound by reality.


Influenced by the discovery of an array of his parents rock and disco 60’s – 80’s vinyl as a child, Alex had also had early encouragement in learning to read and write music. It was the encouragement of all things creative which inspired Alex to create vivid and majestic stories. The later discovery and love of dance music inspired the birth of Falqo, a persona allowing the music and art to forge together.  


After a great response from debut track ‘Feel Your Love’ in 2014, Falqo built on this success with releases ‘Never’, ‘Across the Sea’, ‘Someday’ and finally ‘Sleepy Crusader’ building a strong online following and an impressive streaming audience.


Falqo has since worked in the studio alongside Jimmy & Hugo from Flight Facilities, Michael DiFrancesco (Touch Sensitive), Dennis Dowlut (Deutsche Duke) and also Lachlan West (The Vines / The Griswolds Drummer).